OFS-2000W for Wet Scrubber / Hi-Opacity Applications

OFS-2000W for Wet Scrubber / Hi-Opacity Applications

Monitoring flow rates in high opacity and wet scrubbers can be challenging.  Over the past couple years Optical Scientific, Inc. (OSI) has had the opportunity to work on some high opacity and wet scrubber applications.   What OSI discovered was that wide variations in opacity (in the range of 0 to 99%) could exceed the dynamic range of the optical receiver such that at low opacity the detectors became saturated with too much light.  As a result, OSI has developed the Model OFS-2000W. The development and engineering phases of this Model have been completed and the first units were delivered in 4Q 2006.

Watch the video:  which way is the flow going?


The difference in the W-model is the use of a new circuit board in the transmitter which includes an Automatic Gain Control (AGC) circuit and an extra signal cable which runs between the two heads (Transmitter and Receiver). The AGC circuit in the transmitter receives a signal intensity signal from the receiver and controls the LED power automatically such that the amount of light received at the detectors is optimized and always below the saturation point of the detectors.

From a user’s perspective the OFS-2000W is installed exactly the same as the OFS-2000 except for
the addition of a 2 pair signal cable (supplied) running between the two heads.  The OFS-2000W model should be specified for all applications that have high and variable opacity and dust concentrations, including wet scrubbers or similar processes with entraned / suspended liquid droplets. For ultra-widely varying flow applications such as flare stacks, the same technology has been incorporated into the OFS-2000R model, which used the extended range of the OFS-2000F (Flare model and the OFS-2000W with AGC).

In addition, some users with particularly dirty applications that find they have to clean sight glasses or windows too often can greatly extend the time between cleanings by using the W-model.  Also note that standard models can be  factory upgraded to the W-model for a reasonable charge.

Do you gave a tough application you would like to consider?

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