Utilizing light for water quality analysis (spectrophotometry and fluorescence).

Many water quality parameters and compounds absorb within the UV and visible wavelengths, including organic compounds.

Real Tech Waters Innovative Technology

is available in

Probes, By-Pass Sensors and Portable Field Meters

Organics measurement with UV can be correlated to other traditional aggregate organic parameters such as BOD, COD, DOC and TOC. However, UV-VIS spectral analysis has added benefit of being multi-dimensional allowing for detection of composition changes independent of their concentration.

Real Tech has multiple patented, patent-pending and proprietary technologies primarily focused on overcoming fundamental challenges of using light for measurement in the
most simple and effective manner by: •Compensating for inherent drift and fluctuations of various light sources and temperature •Allowing for most efficient use of light and maximizing light throughput

Practical, Accurate & Affordable

Superior measurement performance

Reduced requirement for frequent calibrating (zeroing)

Stable output over time •Automatic compensation of uneven fouling over time

Improved affordability and reliability of optical sensors

Ability to accommodate very short or long path lengths extending range capabilities

Capability to effectively use multiple UV LED’s in single sensor to create low cost real-time sensors for several important water quality parameters Customization of optics for particular application demands with modular design

Drinking Water Applications

  • Source Water
  • Algae detection
  • Nitrate Monitoring
  • Colour Monitoring
  • Coagulant Optimization
  • Permanganate Monitoring
  • Contaminant Removal Efficiency
  • UV Disinfection Performance
  • Disinfection By-Product (DBP) Formulation Potential
  • Plant Efficiency & Effectiveness

Municipal Waste Water Applications

  • Sewage Monitoring
  • Chemical Dose Optimization
  • Aeration Optimization
  • Dentrification Monitoring
  • UV Disinfection Performance
  • Advanced Treatment Monitoring & Protection
  • Effluent Pollution & Discharge Management
  • Polymer Optimization for Sludge Dewatering & Conditioning
  • Early Detection of Toxic Shock Events
  • Water Reuse

Industrial Waste Water Applications

  • Process Water Monitoring
  • Product Loss
  • Effluent Monitoring
  • Compliance Adherence
  • Water Reuse
  • Contaminant Event Detection
  • Boiler & Chiller Feedwater Monitoring
  • Cooling Water Monitoring
  • Chemical Optimization
  • Plant Efficiency & Effectiveness

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