Large Bubble Mixing

Large Bubble Mixer – No moving parts – Anoxic & Aerobic Basins

When it comes to mixing systems Pulsed Hydraulics is a proven mixing technology for water and wastewater, cutting the energy used for mixing by 50% over traditional mechanical mixing equipment.

The Applications include:

  • Anoxic and Aeration Basins
  • Sludge Holding Tanks
  • Chemical Mixing
  • Polymer and Alum Mixing
  • Lift Stations
  • Distilled Spirits
  • EQ Basins
  • Belt Press Sludge
  • Backwash Basins


  • No Moving Parts in Basin or Tank
  • Power Savings over Traditional Mixers
  • 100% Online Standby
  • Greatly Reduces Costs
  • Variable Speed and Intensity Mixing
  • Complete Tank Mixing
  • Scalable to Any Size Basin or Tank
  • Significantly Less Sediment Buildup
  • SCADA Interface
  • Eliminates FOG, Ragging and Odors in Lift Stations
  • Enhances Aeration Efficiency
  • Eliminates Temperature Stratification in Potable Water Tanks
  • Prevents Ice Build-up
  • NSF-61 Approved

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