Gases for WasteWater Treatment

Memeco represents Praxair, who develops and delivers customized systems to help industrial plants and municipalities meet their wastewater management goals.  We will work directly with our customers to provide beginning-to-end treatment methods, from needs assessment and treatment strategy to equipment design, installation and industrial supply.

Praxair offers a wide range of applications that Treat and Reuse process water, all while maximizing treatment capacity, reducing VOC emissions, improving safety and reducing costs.

Praxair offers a variety of solutions for water and waste water applications:

  • Aeration and Odor Control
  • Ozone Disinfection
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) pH control systems
  • Process upgrades

As the global demand for potable water continues to rise and fresh water supplies are quickly depleting, Praxair is advancing industrial technology to make this life-sustaining resource accessible to a growing population.  Last year alone, Praxair helped bring clean drinking water to 25 million people around the world.

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