Cemtek KVB-Enertec’s NetDAHS Edge™ software

The premier data acquisition and handling system for air emissions compliance. Built on a proven web-based platform NetDAHS Edge™ has been meeting and exceeding regulatory compliance needs since 2003. The enhanced web interface found in the NetDAHS Edge software incorporates the innovative technology and tools necessary to monitor your air emissions data anytime, anywhere.

Leading Technology:  The ever-changing compliance needs of today’s environmental professionals require higher levels of automation and data accessibility. To respond to market demands, we designed the NetDAHS Edge software, a proactive and centralized control hub for air emissions compliance reporting. The software incorporates web-based push technology to allow accurate, live data from across your fleet to be shared among multiple users. The freedom of being able to access the DAHS from anywhere can allow an instruments and control technician to manage several tasks from a centralized location or the mobility to move on to the next the next location while one task finishes.

Streamlined Compliance:
A scalable platform that can be configured to handle 40 CFR 60/63/75 requirements along with state, local, or consent decree reporting obligations. A “One-Step EDR” button streamlines the quarterly reporting gauntlet by automating the checks on the hourly averages, data substitution routines and ultimately the creation of the electronic data report (EDR).

“From one a single unit to an entire refinery, NetDAHS Edge software can help you effectively manage your air compliance data”