Optical Flow Sensor (OFS) Air/Gas flow

Memeco SOSIales represents

Optical Scientific Inc who manufacture Optical Flow Sensors (OFS), which offers a superior method for monitoring air/gas flow rates in a variety of challenging applications .  All OFS-2000 optical flow sensors are immune to the effects of:

  • temperature, pressure, humidity, density, path length, turbulent flow or gas composition.

Sensors are available and able to report velocities from 0.03 m/sec to 150 m/sec with a +/- 2% accuracy.  Adjustable response times down to 0.3 seconds with 3 second updating, combined with full-path averaging make the OFS-2000 series optical flow sensors an ideal method for monitoring air/gas flow.

  • Environmental compliance for CEMS flow
  • Combustion/Process flow
  • Air/Steam assist Flare lines
  • Steam assist flow
  • Air assist flow