Optical Flow Placement advantages


The OFS-2000 series optical flow meters from OSI  are immune to the effects of temperature, pressure, humidity, density, path length, turbulent flow or gas composition.  The sensors have a 5000/1 turndown ratio and will not create a pressure drop. The OFS-2000 series flow meters also offer a much greater flexibility when it comes to plant safety and installation requirements compared to traditional Ultra-Sonic sensors


Features & Benefits:Optical Vs Ultrasonic

  • Does not need two Platforms
  • Isolation from Media
  • Wide acceptance range and quick response
  • No re-piping required
  • Can handle complex flow patterns
  • Can be placed close to bends or elbows
  • Ultra-Low Maintenance design


The OFS-2000 series flow meters can be used for a number of applications including:

  • EPA CEMS flow
  • Flare Gas Flow
  • Air/Gas Flow
  • Steam Assist Flow
  • Air Assist Flow
  • Combustion Flow

Watch the video below explains how to use The OFS-2000 series for RSR applications:

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