Monitoring Partially Full Pipes, Open Channels and Large Pipes with Multi-Path Transit Time Flowmeter

Accusonic recently upgraded the Hoover Dam and Penstock Towers in Lake Mead of the Colorado River on the Border of Arizona and Nevada States with 21 8510+ controllers. The Tranducers were still working so they just upgraded the controllers.
Multi-Path Transit time Flow Meters

Accusonic offers a wide range of flowmeter systems and performance services on a variety of applications within the power generation, water and waste water industries. These flow meter systems use the multi-chordal path transit time method to measure the flow velocities at discreate elevations in the pipe, duct or channel.

Real-Time flow flowrates are determined by integrating the flow velocity profile, thus achieving accuracy of up to +/- 0.5% of flow rate

Accusonic flow efficiency systems and services. which utilize high accuracy flowmeters. provide real-time and historical data for system and plant improvements.

Accusonic delivered its first Multi-Path system in 1967 and have installed over 3500 systems in pipelines up to 15 meters in diameter as well as open channels up to 180 meter wide.

Typical Applications include:

  • Partially Full Pipes
  • Hydro Power Plants
  • Water Transport and Treatment
  • Deep Tunnels
  • Waste Water Treatment collections systems and CSOs
  • Irrigation and Water ways (open channels)
  • Thermal Power plants
  • Turbine Efficiency Monitoring Systems (TEMS)
  • Large Waste Water pipes channels
  • Flow Efficiency Monitoring systems

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