Tunable Diode Laser System (TDLS)

Paper and pulp mill - Power Plant

Tunable Diode Lasers are an exciting technology that have proven to be very useful tools for both process feed back or environmental reporting.  The Cemtek Unisearch TDL measures up to 8 points is the only EPA PS18 certified TDL to measure HCl.

The LASER can easily measure up to 30’ stack even for dirty coal fired applications and has the ability to monitor NH3, HCl, O2, CO, H2O, HCN, H2S, CO2, CH4, HF, NO, HDO, D2O.  some of the advantages of the the Cemtek Unisearch LASER is it can also use double pass technology.  The double pass allows for greater accuracy and sensitivity that other TDLS cannot match.  The Cemtek Unisearch has the Flow Thru Calibration Gas option.  This enables the user to flow NIST traceable calibration gases thru the TDL to perform a calibration.  Also the Cemtek Unisearch TDL uses a wide beam to allow for very large amounts of stack movement without losing alignment.

When it comes to process control the Cemtek Unisearch simultaneously measures H2O as a second “free” channel.  this feature allows for customers to check for boiler tube leaks also, along with process upsets.  for more info on the TDL click the link below.

Do you need to Monitor HCL or are you interested in monitoring for NH3 slip?   Tell us about you projects below and let us help you achieve your project goals or Contact us at 847-329-9393  or via e-mail at info@memecosales.com

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