Liquid, Gas or Cryogenic Flow

Liquid and Gas Flow

Turbines, Inc. Liquid and gas turbine meters are rugged, stainless steel, and precision machined.  Standard offerings are built using CD4MCu and/or 416 stainless steel rotors, and feature in-line sizes from 3/8″ through 10.0″.  Custom configurations and materials are available for high-pressure applications up to 15,000 psig and deliver +/- 1.0% standard accuracy over the flow range.  These meters provide accurate measurements in a variety of liquid and gas applications, such as Oil, fuel, petroleum products, natural gas, propane, methane and CO2.

  • Wafer style Turbine meters
  • Flanged Turbine meters
  • In-line Turbine meters
  • High Pressure meters
  • TMX Corrosive meters
  • Quick Change meters
  • Slim Line Turbine meters
  • High Accuracy meters
  • Slurry Turbine meters

Turbine Meter Instrumentation:

Turbines inc. flow meters provide rugged, durable, cost effective measurement for liquid and gas applications.  These flow meters accurately calculate and display corrected volume as well as an instantaneous and total flow.  Their advanced gas monitors feature a microcontroller-based rate/totalizer that computes gas density for actual conditions of flow.

  • Gas Flow Monitors
  • FML250 Monitors
  • Turbine Flow Monitors

Cryogenic Flow Measurement:

Turbines Inc. cryogenic flow meters, monitors and accessories are built specifically for high pressure, low temperature applications.  These cryogenic meters feature the same advanced technology, reliability and accuracy of their liquid and gas measurement products, and are CTEP and NTEP certified.  Turbines inc. Cryogenic meters meet the demands of the worlds leading liquefied gas producers and distributors by providing unmatched quality, reliability and accuracy.

  • Cryogenic Turbine Flow Meters
  • Cryogenic Monitors
  • Bluetooth printers

Retrofit Fits:

Cost Effective retrofit replacement kits enable quick, effortless replacement of Meter internals. and fit into the bodies of most of our competitors turbine flow meters.

  • Gas Style
  • Wafer Style
  • Slurry Style
  • In-Line Style
  • Quick Change
  • Cryogenic Style

Do you have an application contact us at Memeco and let us help you choose the right model.



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