TOC, COD, TOD or Nitrogen

larllc-logoOn-line Monitoring for Water, Wastewater & Process Industries.

Fast, Accurate, Low-maintenance Monitoring of COD, TOC, TOD or Nitrogen

Liquid Analytical Resource, LLC is a U.S. company dedicated to helping customers lower their processing costs while improving water quality, and reducing non-compliant waste through online process monitoring, analysis and control.

  • Models available to monitor from ultra-pure water to high-solids waste streams
  • Monitor any combination of TOC, COD, TOD or Nitrogen
  • Operating at 1200°C, the highest temperature combustion analyzer available.
  • No reagents for TC. For TOC, only distilled water and a small amount of inexpensive acid required.
  • Tolerant of high solids and salts – decades of proven performance, even in viscous streams
  • 1200°C combustion captures ALL organics, including volatile and “difficult to combust” organics that may be lost with other methods.
  • Optional built-in COD, TOD and Nitrogen Analysis.
  • Optional conditioner scrubs ambient air to provide dry, CO2-free carrier gas – no bottled oxygen required
  • Low maintenance design provides high reliability – 98% availability

Product Lines Include sensors for:

TOC Analyzers

  • QuickTOCultra Monitors Total Organic Carbon – Fast, Accurate, Low-maintenance Monitoring of TOC, COD, TOD or Nitrogen
  • QuickTOCairport – Fast, accurate monitoring of airfield runoff
  • QuickTOCpurity Monitors TOC in Pure and Ultrapure Water – Fast, Accurate, Low-maintenance Monitoring of TC, TOC, TIC, and DOC
  • QuickTOCcondensate Monitors TOC in Boiler Condensate
  • QuickTOCeffluent TOC Analyzer Monitors TOC in Industrial Pure and Ultrapure Water
    • Fast, Accurate, Low-maintenance Monitoring of TC, TOC, TIC, and DOC
  • QuickTOCpharma Monitors TOC in Pharmaceutical-grade Water
    • Fast, Accurate, Low-maintenance Monitoring of TC, TOC, TIC, and DOC
  • QuickTOCuv Persulphate TOC Analyzer Monitors Total Organic Carbon
    • Monitoring of TOC, COD, TOD or Nitrogen in accordance with EPA Method 415.2

BOD Analyzers

BOD Monitor®

Fast, Precise Measurement of Biological Oxygen Demand

LAR’s BioMonitor® monitors Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) in Minutes for Municipal and Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plants

COD Analyzers

The QuickCODultra Online COD Analyzer Monitors Chemical Oxygen Demand


  • Measurement range: 0.1 – 200,000 mg/l COD
    • Response time: 3 minutes
    • COD monitoring
    • Measures the real oxygen demand
    • Highest combustion temperature (1,200°C) available on the market
    • Catalyst-free technique
    • Reagent-free analysis
    • No filtration necessary
    • No memory effects
    • Very low maintenance and operational costs

Elox 100 COD Analyzer – Measure Chemical Oxygen Demand – Economical, Accurate Online Process Monitoring


QuickTOCultra Monitors Phosphorus, TOC, TNb and COD.  Online Phosphorus monitoring for Process Control in Wastewater Treatment

Nitrogen Analyzers

The QuickTONb Online Nitrogen Analyzer – Accurate, Fast Measurement of Total Bonded Nitrogen (TNb)

The QuickTONb from LAR AG provides rapid nitrogen analysis. Typical applications include process control in the chemical and petrochemical industries and monitoring of influent and effluent in both industrial and municipal wastewater treatment plants.

Toxicity Analyzers

NitriTox® toxicity analyzer is an advance-warning system containing an integrated and self-regenerating nitrifying bacteria culture. This patented and continuously working method allows the determination of toxic events to water within 5 minutes at any time.


FlowSampler – Maintenance-free Sampling System.  The non-fouling FlowSampler draws representative samples in high-solids applications without pre-filtration.


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