Pulse-Doppler systems

Q-Eye PSC stationary Pulse-Doppler system q-eyepsc-mt

The Q-Eye PSC permanent velocity area flow meter is designed for applications in full or partially full pipes 100 – 2000 mm (4 – 80 inches) in diameter, or open channels with flow depths 40 – 2000 mm (1,5 – 80 inches). It uses advanced Doppler profiling technology to directly measure velocity profiles making it the best choice for sites with non-uniform, rapidly changing, backwatered, near zero, negative or reverse flow conditions. This eliminates the need for on-site calibration, thereby reducing significantly the cost of installation. Combined with an integral upward looking ultrasonic or a secondary external pressure sensor (optional) for determining the depth, the meter is using a numerical model for averaged velocity in the entire cross section and the continuity equation to calculate flow.


Profiling Technology

Pulsed wave Doppler systems use a transducer that transmits short acoustic pulses. The received echo is rangegated to provide velocity measurements selectively from a small segment along the acoustic beam, step by step over the entire velocity profile. Reflections of particles in other areas do not have any influence on the velocity measurement.  Additionally the 1 MHz sensor provides higher data resolution by detecting smaller particles

The Q-Eye PSC is ideal for permanent flow monitoring studies/surveys:

  • Wastewater collection systems (Infiltration studies, hydraulic model calibration, event notification, long term trend analysis)
  • Combined sewer systems (Characterize combined sewer overflow (CSO) impacts)
  • Wastewater treatment facilities (Influent measurement, real-time process control, effluent measurement)
  • Irrigation channels (Supply management)
  • Industrial flows (Flow measurement, process optimization)
  • Storm water runoff monitoring


Insertion Type & Mouse Type available


Q-Eye M III portable Pulse-Doppler system

q-eye-m-iiiThe Q-Eye M III portable velocity area flow meter is designed for applications in full-filled pipes or partially full pipes 100 – 2000 mm (4 – 80 inches) in diameter, or open channels with flow depths of 40 – 2000 mm (1,5 – 80 inches).   It uses advanced DoBive or reverse flow conditions. This eliminates the need for on-site calibration, thereby reducing significantly the cost of installation.


Q-Eye M III is your choice for mobile applications. The long lifetime of approx. 70 days with a measuring interval of 5 minutes, as well as the small and robust housing make it the perfect tool for temporary operations. In addition to water level and flow, the signal quality, battery voltage and the calculated flow are also stored inside the data logger.