Travel Time Liquid/Water flow

HydroVisionHydroVision offers a variety of acoustic liquid flow meters, which are based on the high accuracy acoustic travel-time method. This method assumes no relation between level and flow, like weirs or flumes. It will correctly determine water flow throughout its designed range by measuring water velocity and depth. For installation in open channels or closed conduits, the sensors operate over the fully bi-directional flow range without causing obstruction or head loss. Onsite characteristics such as varying water levels, skew flow or complex channel shapes are taken into account via specific path configurations.

They can increase your profitability with exceptional repeatability and linearity throughout the flow range.  For pipes with a diameter of more than half a meter, ultrasonic flow meters have long established themselves as a reliable and convenient flow monitoring method.  Also because of the accuracy of these products even small leakages can be detected in pipes instantaneously.

Typical flow meter applications include:

  • Rivers
  • Irrigation Channels
  • Industrial Discharges
  • Sewage Treatment Plants (WWTP)
  • Hydroelectric Power Plants
  • Detection of Burst Pipes

Do you have an application you are considering contact us and let us help you determine which model of acoustic flow meter is the best for your project!

Kanalis TT MT Acoustic Multi-Path Flowmeter 

Multi-path System

More accurate discharge measurements can be obtained by using a Multi-path system using several planes.  The measurement result can be further improved by using a multi path system layering each of the acoustic paths in parallel planes one above the other.This negates having and expensive hydrometric calibration.  This type of System is suitable for applications with large water level fluctuations, reverse flow or vertical velocity distribution outside the theoretical normal.



ReVision flow meter  ® fully integrated

revision-clamp-onThe ReVision flow meter is a fully integrated metering solution with up to 10 acoustic paths for liquid fluids. It is a new entry in the HydroVision family of high accuracy acoustic metering products. It increases your profitability with exceptional repeatability and linearity throughout the flow range. Due to the patented velocity profile compensation no flow straightener is needed and no on-site calibration is required. Even complex flow measuring tasks can now be realized.

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