Respirometry made simple!

Respirometery of activated sludge is an important tool in wastewater treatment.  Until no, it has not been widely adopted because resporiometers have been difficult to use.  Strathkelvin has solved this problem by developing robust instrumentation with simple operating procedures and advanced windows based software. The result is a respirometer that is extremely simple to operate with test results and tables that are easily understood by anyone with basic waste water skills.


Strathtox™ is a compact bench-top unit it uses fixed volume respiration cells, and has integral temperature regulation.  6 high precision oxygen electrodes, whose output is displayed on your PC or laptop, monitor respiration rates.  It is fast, and tests can be completed in just 5-10 minutes.

Strathtox™ is supplied with software for:

  • Respiration inhibition tests
  • Short term BOD
  • Sludge Health Monitoring
  • Nitrification inhibition tests
  • Nitrification Status
  • Customer designed Respiromety (OUR and SOUR) tests

Strathtox™ is in use worldwide in the following wastewater treatment applications.


  • Toxicology management
  • Nutrient deficiency assessments
  • Nitrification Management
  • Process Optimization
  • Aeration efficiency optimization
  • Bio-augmentation requirements
  • Ensuring environmental compliance
  • Plant specification and design

Each unit comes with a comprehensive and easy to follow manual.  To discuss potential applications or to arrange a demonstration, please contact us at Memeco sales 847-329-9393 or via email at