World-class Wastewater Monitoring Instrumentation

Innovative Technology for Process Optimization

Strathkelvin is the world’s leading supplier of precision respirometry and dissolved oxygen instruments for the Biomedical Research, Wastewater Treatment, and Product Testing markets.

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Portable Activated Sludge Analyzer

Analyze bacteria performance in your Wastewater Treatment Plant in real-time

Strathtox Laboratory Respirometer

Rapid Benchtop Respirometry strathtoxallows you to Measure Activated Sludge Bacteria Performance

– Toxicity Management
– Nitrification Management
– Aeration Efficiency
– Nutrient Control
– Sludge Health
– System Trouble-shooting
– Short-term BOD
– Plant capacity
– Respiration tests

The Activated Sludge Plant Controller (ASP-CON)


Multi-parameter Probe Optimizes Activated Sludge Plant performance

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