UV Water Treatment

Do you have a UV water treatment application you need to address?

Memeco Sales represents UV Pure® Technologies a Global Leader in UV Disinfection Systems up to 1 Million Gallons per day (3785 m³/day) flow rates.

UV Pure® products provide a full range of state of the art ultraviolet water treatment solutions for purifying waste water, reuse and potable water:

All UV Pure Systems are self-cleaning, and smart – with multiple sensors and on-board diagnostics. They are engineered to be fail-safe and virtually maintenance-free. Lamps are mounted in air surrounded by elliptical reflectors providing more effective deactivation of pathogens, incorporating easy lamp changes and visual quartz inspection. The Hallett series is the most effective UV treatment system for potable, waste and reuse water.  The Hallett series UV treatment systems utilize the company’s patented Crossfire Technology, which has a number of advantages compared to conventional ultraviolet systems.

UV Pure’s patented Crossfire Technology® is at the core of all of their systems.

  • It is a better mousetrap. Proven since 1998 in over 12,000 applications, globally.
  • It means effective treatment in conditions 10 times worse than conventional “light in a pipe” UV systems can handle.
  • It means a disinfection dose 2.4 times greater than conventional UV systems for the same energy input and cost.
  • It means no fouled quartz, no messy, costly, manual cleaning, and no broken quartz.
  • It means easy lamp changes.
  • It means no false alarms from overheating.
  • It means no operator exposure to the water stream.
  • It means Pure safe water. Always®


Most Effective UV Treatment

  • Validated to reduce pathogens to safe levels – minimum of 99.99% reduction, in real world conditions – not just in a test lab
  • Effective in very low UVT wastewater and surface water treatment applications
  • Effective in a water ten times harder than conventional UV systems
  • Elliptical reflectors focus energy 360° – ending UV shadowing
  • Reflective technology reuses energy with elliptical reflectors means 2.4 times more efficiency with the same input energy as conventional UV systems
  • Lamps are air cooled, do not overheat meaning no loss of dose in no-flow or low-flow conditions
  • Lamp output optimized for a broad range of air and water temperatures

Crossfire Technology is self-cleaning

  • Automatic mechanical self-cleaning
  • Eliminates quartz fouling from minerals and bio-film and operator exposure to potentially toxic wastewater
  • No risk of false alarms due to fouling
  • No need for water softeners ahead of the UV system in potable applications like conventional UV requires

Smart technology engineered to be fail safe and risk free

  • Dual smart UV sensors continuously monitor UV Dose, Lamp Intensity (UVI), and net UV Transmittance (UVT)
  • 4-20 mA output available
  • Digital monitor, visual, and audible alarms and event notifications
  • On-board data logging and self-diagnostic trouble shooting logic
  • Automatic solenoid shut-off valve
  • Hard contacts for remote start/stop and remote alarm

Engineered to be virtually maintenance free

  • Simple and easy lamp changes
  • Engineered to eliminate nuisance alarms
  • Standard power conditioner protects against surges and brown-outs (115 volt models)

Low operating and total lifetime costs

  • Industry leading Warranty
  • No cost of water softening equipment for effective treatment like conventional UV systems
  • Automatic self-cleaning means no labor to clean quartz, no quartz breakage costs
  • Quick lamp replacement time reduces labor costs
  • Low energy costs and inexpensive long-lasting LPHO lamps
  • Simple, inexpensive power requirements – single phase 115 or 240 volt
  • No special infrastructure required for mounting, template included
  • Redundancy incorporated in multiplexed higher flow applications – no extra unit(s) needed

Quick and easy to install

  • Small footprint and compact size minimizes cost per square foot
  • Standard Stainless Steel flexible hoses mean no hard piping
  • No extra, wasted space required for lamp removal
  • 24 hour initialization programming manages first time use minimizing commissioning wait time (H15xs and all Upstream models)

Interested in learning more about this product or do you have an application you would like to consider utilizing this technology then please contact us at 847-329-9393 or at info@memecosales.com.

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