UV disinfection with Crossfire Technology

Meet the new Hallet by UV Pure with Self Cleaning, smart, care-free UV water treatment isn’t a pipe dream it’s a reality!

Up to 100 gpm per day per system

Up to 3 mgd multiplexed

  • Patented self-cleaning prevents quartz fouling
  • Excellent performance in very hard water and low UVT applications with Crossfire technology
  • Dual UV sensors and Smart Technology
  • New case engineered for quick and easy lamp change

360-Degree Coverage

Crossfire Technology uses a unique elliptical reflector design with dual air-mounted lamps to concentrate sterilizing UV light from 360 degrees on the water column.

Pathogens have nowhere to hide—penetrating UV radiation is effectively delivered to every point in the water column without UV shadowing by suspended and dissolved solids in the water.

The result is industry-leading disinfection performance even for difficult quality water.

Potable – Waste – Reuse

Potable water, Waste water & Reuse water models are available
  • Potable
    • Small Community Use
    • Small Municipality Use
    • Mobile applications
      • Mining
      • camps
      • Transportation (aerospace, shipping, trains)
  • Waste
    • Decentralized parks, Golf courses
    • Small Municipal
  • Reuse
    • Washwater (agricultural)
    • Irrigation
    • Green Roofs

UV – Leading disinfection technology

Features and Benefits

  • Broad-Spectrum microbial barrier
  • Real-time monitoring for effective disinfection
  • Low cost alternative
  • No disinfection by-products
  • Small footprint – easily retrofitted
  • easily serviced/maintained/monitored
  • No environmental risk
  • Low energy comsumption

How UV disinfection works. UV light instantly alters the DNA of pathogens rendering them unable to reproduce. (sterile)

Self Cleaning Mechanism is therefore necessary to eliminate fouling/scaling problem

High levels of hardness and Iron can contribute to significant fouling and scaling of the quartz sleeve which in turn lowers the UV transmittance affecting the overall disinfection performance. The Hallet systems incorporate Crossfire Technology, self-cleaning and UV intensity sensors to help with performance.

Even visibly clear water can contain minerals and microorganisms that build up on the transparent quartz sleeve that contains the water column.

Crossfire Technology features an automatic self-cleaning mechanism that continually scrapes minerals and biofilm from the quartz-water interface, preventing fouling and maximizing UV dose delivery without manual cleaning intervention.

This enables Crossfire to effectively disinfect difficult water like wastewater, rainwater and groundwater with less pre-treatment than other conventional UV systems.

Crossfire Technology

Smart Sensors

Crossfire Technology integrates multiple smart sensors in rugged housings that continuously monitor UV dose, lamp intensity, and net UV transmittance for optimum performance.

Operators can stay informed about their UV system through onboard data logging with optional 4-20 mA and Modbus outputs, visual and audible alarms for event notifications, and self-diagnostic troubleshooting.

continuous performance monitoring

Crossfire smart sensors eliminate nuisance alarms and help to minimize downtime.

Difficult Water

The patented configuration of Crossfire Technology makes it effective for water up to 10 times dirtier than conventional UV systems can handle, including UV transmittance (UVT) as low as 35%, hardness up to 855 mg/L, and iron up to 3 mg/L.

Disinfection performance is validated for low-UVT applications like wastewater, rainwater, and drinking water from surface and groundwater sources, so less pre-treatment is required.

Crossfire delivers high UV dose over a short path length—from 360 degrees—for the most challenging disinfection applications.

Quick and Easy Installation

Crossfire systems are plug-and-play with a regular electrical outlet connection and simple plumbing, whether single or multi-unit configuration.

Modular Redundancy

All systems are compact and vertically mounted to take up the least footprint. Installation is easy with the provided mounting template, basic hardware, and optional flexible stainless-steel hose connections.


  • Food & Beverage
  • Municipal
  • Commercial
  • Health Care
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Agri-Food
  • Agriculture
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Hospitality

Do you have a potential application for a UV disinfection system? Please contact us at Memeco Sales and we can help you choose the right models 847-329-9393 or info@memecosales.com