OUR (Oxygen Uptake Rate) and SOUR testing


World-class Wastewater Monitoring Instrumentation

Innovative Technology for Process Optimization

Memeco represents LAR LLC who are the exclusive distributor for Strathkelvin the world’s leading supplier of precision respirometry and dissolved oxygen instruments for the Biomedical Research, Wastewater Treatment, and Product Testing markets.

Measure Activated Sludge Bacteria Performance

The Activated Sludge Plant Controller (ASP-CON)

banner_asp_conMulti-parameter Probe Optimizes Activated Sludge Plant performance

Complete Sludge Plant Control

The Activated Sludge Plant Controller, (ASP-CON) provides continuous process analysis for unprecedented process control in aerobic waste water Treatment.


  • Ammonia
  • Dissolved Oxygen
  • Solids MLSS
  • Settlement Test
  • SVI / SSVI of settlement test
  • TSS of settlement supernatant
  • Oxygen Uptake Rate
  • Specific Oxygen Uptake Rate
  • Carbonaceous bacteria % and health
  • Nitrification bacteria % and health
  • Critical Carbonaceous DO
  • Critical Nitrification DO
  • Potassium
  • pH
  • Toxicity


  • Settlement test frequency
  • OUR / SOUR test frequency
  • Toxicity check frequency
  • Cleaning frequency
  • DO Calibration frequency
  • ISE electrode calibration frequency
  • Sludge health test frequency
  • % Nitrification frequency
  • Critical Carbon DO frequency
  • Critical Nitrification DO frequency


Portable AS Bioscope:

banner_bioscopePortable Activated Sludge Analyzer

Analyze bacteria performance in your Wastewater Treatment Plant in real-time

The AS-bioscope has been optimized to provide very simple measurements of:

  • OUR (Oxygen Uptate Rate)
  • DO (Dissolved Oxygen)
  • Critical Oxygen Point
  • Temperature
  • Settlement

more info on portable AS-Bioscope click here

Strathtox Laboratory Respirometer

Rapid Benchtop Respirometry strathtoxMeasure Activated Sludge Bacteria Performance

The Strathtox provides precision respirometry to rapidly measure actual Activated Sludge bacterial performance.

  • Advanced 6-cell precision OUR measurement system
  • Easy and rapid test procedures
  • User friendly software providing a real time display of bacterial respiration
  • Automatic Report generation and calculation of EC10,20,50 values for carbonaceous and nitrifying bacteria
  • Efficient procedures gives test times of between approximately 10 and 30 minutes
  • Tests provided are: Carbonaceous and Nitrifying Sludge Health, Critical Oxygen Point Analysis, Respiration Inhibition, Nitrification Inhibition, BOD(ST), and Respirometry.

Applications in:

  • Toxicity Management
  • Nitrification Management
  • Aeration Efficiency
  • Nutrient Control
  • Sludge Health
  • System Trouble-shooting
  • Short-term BOD
  • Plant capacity
  • Respiration tests
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