Submersible Level Transducers

te-image measurement SPECIALTIES  – Submersible Level Transducers are ideal for suppliers of SCADA systems supplied to the potable water and waste water treatment industries. The KPSI brand belonging to measurement SPECIALTIES (now a part of TE Connectivity Sensor Solutions) includes an extensive line of submersible level transducers for wells, drinking water and waste-water. These submersible sensors come in several different styles, materials of construction, connections, vented, and accuracy ratings. They are fully customizable according to your needs. The KPSI brand is known the world over for excellent quality and value, not just in water and waste-water, but in a great variety of other industries.

MEMECO has selected some of the most popular models for your consideration, but contact us if you need a unit with different specifications.

MEMECO is your official representative for Measurement Specialties. MEMECO ensures that YOU

  • Identify the best model for your application
  • The correct process cable & connection is selected
  • The correct length cable is selected
  • The correct Chemical Resistance material is included
  • Where you want the order shipped is verified
  • Get the best pricing possible
  • Any concerns or Issues are handled properly
  • Speak to someone on your first call to solve issues
  • Follow-up for quality control assurance
  • Your order is processed according to your expectations.

If you have any special needs, or concerns, MEMECO will arrange them for you. We have over forty years of experience working with firms like yours and we go to great lengths to solve your needs and keep you competitive. If you want the best quality, consider measurement SPECIALTIES Submersible Level Transducers. If you prefer printed literature, reply and we will mail it to you immediately.


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