Lysimeters Station

UGT Lysimeters Station

83b72b8f81Soils represent an important part of the ecosystem. They control the water flow, the recharge of ground water, the nutrient supply of the plants and can reduce the amount of pollutants or protect the ground- and drinking water from them. Pesticides from agricultural industry, greenhouse gases from the atmosphere and waste water from contaminated sites are reflected with many other parameters in the chemical and microbiological situation of soils- which is of primary importance for the plant quality. Therefore the knowledge of the situation below the soil surface is an important task for the agricultural and industrial researches. Lysimeters represent a practical tool to get a view in the deeper soils. The level of the lysimeter vessels surface flushes with the surface of the surrounding area. They simulate the natural relation between soil, atmosphere and plants. The dimension of the soil monoliths can vary from small (less than 0,5m² surface and not deeper than 1 m) to big types (2 m² surface and up to 3.5 m depth).

MEMECO assists clients with Training, Planning and Installing, Project Management, Lysimeter Cutting, Lysimeter Retrieval, Experiments, Data Acquisition, Maintenence and Service and Warranty and Repair.