Hydro-Spin (Micro power solution)

 The modern urban water distribution system is based on smart water networks – water health monitors, transmitters and data loggers that constantly survey the water quality. These devices need a smart, reliable, affordable, preferably green source of available energy. Hydrospin found a solution: a mini-generator that converts water-generated kinetic energy into electric hydropower in city pipelines.

Benefits of Hydrospin technology:

  • Provides green, affordable electric hydropower to data loggers, sensors and any control unit.
  • Patented Wet Generator with compatibility to drinking water
  • Sophisticated HydroCharger with multi-charging channels
  • Insertion device compatible with following pipe diameters:
    • 3” (80 mm)
    • 4” (100 mm)
    • 6” (150 mm)
    • 8” (200 mm)
  • Applicable in any water distribution network
  • Minimal head loss
  • Minimal flow interference
  • Water and pressure resistant casing – IP68 Rating