Optical Flow Sensors (OFS)

Utilizing Optical Flow Sensors (OFS) as a proactive, real-time-data approach to monitoring and controlling flow rates

Monitoring air and gas flow rates can be very challenging.  Optical Scientific, Inc. (OSI) the world leader in optical flow sensing technology has developed the OFS-2000 series flow monitors, which have proven to be a successful tool in a variety of challenging applications that include high and variable opacity and dust concentrations, including wet scrubbers, flare stacks and similar processes with entrained / suspended liquid droplets.

In fact one Pulp and Paper mill located in the Upper Peninsula Michigan has been operating an OFS-2000 flow meter for over 16 years with little or no maintenance required.

The installation requirements of OFS sensors are much simpler and flexible than traditional ultrasonic sensors. It measures straight across and no angle is required. Only a light beam is in contact with the gas. OFS technology has equal or better accuracy than a single point or angled path measurements.  OFS technology offers a non-interfering measurement, isolation from flow media and will not create a pressure drop for critical processes.

All OFS sensors have a 1500/1 turndown ratio (or better) and are unaffected by temperature, pressure, gas composition, density, humidity, turbulent flow or path length.  OFS sensors offer a drift free measurement, do not require calibration and come with continuous internal  self-diagnostics to assure the operator of accurate reporting day in and day out 24/7/365.

OFS 2000 technology is NIST tested and approved and OFS 2000 flow sensors meet or exceed:

EPA method 14
EPA MACT RSR 40 CFR 63.670

EPA 40 CFR part 60 & 75
EPA 40 CFR part 60 sub part J & Ja (flow) SCAQMD rule 1118.


Optical Scientific’s OFS-2000 series optical flow meters are truly a versatile set of instruments with great potential for many new applications where accurate flow measurement is of interest.


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