Level and Flow Technologies for Water & Wastewater

Water and Wastewater Treatment Efficiency Operations

Throughout wastewater and water treatment operations there are numerous opportunities to measure and improve process conditions.  We have always believed that with the use of Effective level and flow instruments you can enhance your facilities efficiency, safety and environmental impact.

Magnetrol offers a variety of Level and Flow technologies that can help you monitor Level and Flow efficiency and achieve your process condition goals.

Magnetrol Level and Flow Technologies include the following types:

Pulse Burst Radar


Thermal Dispersion

Guided Wave Radar


Magnetic Level Indicator (MLI)

Liquid Level applications:

  • Lift station Pump Control
  • Chemical Feed tanks
  • Splitter Box Level
  • Clarifier Level
  • Sludge Level
  • Digester Level
  • Water Storage tanks
  • Filter Tank Level
  • Lime Slurry Level
  • Carbon Slurry Level
  • Screening System
  • Lime Silo Dry Product

Air, Gas, Liquid Flow Applications:

  • Open Channel Flow
  • Closed Pipe Water/sludge Flow
  • Pump protection
  • Blower Air Flow
  • Digester Gas Flow

Do you have a potential application for Level or Flow at your Water or Wastewater facility watch the video below to see how Magnetrol can help you with Level and Flow applications in Water and Wastewater applications.


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